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Mynah Simulation Consultant Joins Blogging Fray

The folks at Mynah Technologies with their Mimic simulation software, virtual I/O network gateways, PLC I/O interfaces and host of drivers for the DeltaV system continue to build conversations through their forums and experts blogs within the forum. Recently Dr. Aleksandr Muravyev a simulation consultant created a Mimic Distillation Modeling package to simplify software acceptance testing and operator training around distillation columns.

Dr. Muravyev joins the automation blogging fray with this post about this distillation modeling package. If you have experiences with this product (or even if you don’t) feel free to join in the conversation. It’s a forum so you’ll need to register first.

I did ask the Mynah folks if the forum software they are using supports RSS feeds so I could get these updates coming to me instead of going out and seeking it. It does and they will soon be adding this functionality.

That’s a great thing as some RSS readers like Google Reader support both regular and mobile viewing. It means I can keep up with the automation and technology bloggers whenever a have some spare moments. From playing with the various RSS readers, I seem to be gravitating to using Outlook 2007‘s embedded RSS reader for my Emerson intranet-based RSS feeds and Google Reader for external RSS feeds. How about you?

Posted Monday, February 19th, 2007 under Services, Consulting & Training, Simulation.


  1. I have not tried many, but I settled on SharpReader (; it’s free and it let’s me know when there’s a new posting in the same way Outlook let’s me know there’s a new email – with a “desktop alert”.

  2. So that’s the problem – I’m one gadget behind. (Let’s see, the two-year phone contract is almost up and the RAZR is so yesterday, maybe I’ll catch up soon.)

  3. Carl, Thanks for your comment. SharpReader is one of the ones I tried along with other client-based ones like GreatNews (, Google Desktop Search, and Newsgator for Outlook. The thing I didn’t like about the separate PC aps was that I didn’t automatically use them like I do my email and web browser. After getting a Mobile PC-based phone, going to Google Reader made it nice to have a mobile view and PC-based view of the same feeds.

  4. We have added an RSS Feed for all of our MYNAH Forums content:
    This link allows you to pick a Reader if you don’t already have one.
    If you already have an RSS News Reader installed on your computer, use:
    The MYNAH Forums allow you to pick specific levels for your RSS Feed. For example, if you are only interested in getting a feed of the latest posts from the MiMiC Users’ Forum, you can click the RSS Feed button in that specific Forum and receive MiMiC-specific feeds only:
    Jason Covington

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