Managing Terminal and Offsites Operations

by | Apr 8, 2008 | Chemical, Downstream Hydrocarbons, Industry

Jim Cahill

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I’ve written about terminal and offsites operations a few times in the past. I had a chance to catch a presentation given by Emerson’s Shoyeb Hasanali, who leads the terminal management solutions team.

Shoyeb began by giving us a good grounding on terminal operations. These facilities provide receiving, shipping and storage facilities for liquid or gaseous products processed by or produced in a refinery or petrochemical complex. These sites typically include tank farms, blenders and loading and unloading facilities. The loading and unloading facilities may handle truck, rail, marine or pipeline transport of these liquid and gaseous products.

Some of the issues terminal operators currently face is a lack of spare capacity to handle additional bulk products, increasing safety, environmental and regulatory compliance requirements, and an increasing number of product variations.

The rapid price increase in refined products has caused a shift in the movement patterns and logistics in the transportation of these products. The automation and information systems within existing terminals were not designed for the current economic climate and rapid changes in spot prices. Terminal operators often have disparate automation systems for custody transfer, loading/unloading, blending, vapor recovery and other units.

Shoyeb and his team of terminal management solution consultants work with terminal operators to provide front end engineering design (FEED) to identify the opportunities to improve the flow of accurate and timely information required in rapidly-changing price world.

The FEED study is typically followed by functional designs, functional requirements and factory acceptance testing for the hardware and software used in the solution. Much of the technologies for these solutions come from various businesses within Emerson Process Management. These include Saab Rosemount tank gauging, Daniel custody transfer, metering skids, loading rack presets, Micro Motion flow and density measurement, METCO metering services and DeltaV blend control.

The team has delivered projects all over the world on products including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, fuel oil, lube oils, chemicals, fertilizers, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas and specialty chemical products.

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