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New Emerson Global Life Sciences Blog

I’d like to welcome a new voice, Emerson’s Alan Babbitt, to the blogosphere. Alan and team’s purpose with this new blog, The Emerson Global Life Sciences Blog, is:

…to provide insight into the Life Sciences Industry from a number of perspectives. We will provide periodic updates on industry trends that include commentary on the state of the Life Sciences marketplace. Of particular interest is the current state of the economy and how we are all affected by change that is in our midst. Our blog will also speak to the value and importance of how the Emerson Team solves business problems at the automation and operations layers of the S95 context model. Readers will benefit from the many years of hands-on experience our team has realized, working with some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms in our industry.

Beyond the initial welcome post, his second post looks at the Capital Contraction occurring and its impact on the Life Sciences industry. Alan writes:

Only 1 Biotech firm went public in 2008 and predictions are the Initial Public Offering (IPO) space will continue to be a tough year in 2009. The guess is there will be very few IPOs completed in 2009 and they will be the companies that have proven revenue growth coupled with limited risk. Gone are the IPOs with large technology or regulatory risk. Additionally, venture backed companies looking for more rounds of development capital will be questioning their outlook.

Much like the blog, I have subscribed to Alan and the Life Sciences team’s blog and look forward to sharing some of their thoughts here at Emerson Process Experts.

If you have interests in the Life Sciences industry, the ISA88 and ISA95 models of information management, or industry perspectives of current global economic conditions, you’ll want to subscribe too.

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