Automatic Delivery of Hotfixes, Operating System and Antivirus Updates

Emerson’s Buddy Ilao, a member of the SureService support team, offers up another screencast on the Guardian service. Today’s screencast provides an overview of a new Guardian Support Update Delivery capability.

Guardian Support Update Delivery Screencast
The new Guardian Support Update Delivery capability in Guardian addresses the tedious manual downloading of updates, including DeltaV hotfixes, Microsoft OS Security Updates and Symantec Antivirus Updates that are applicable to the DeltaV system. Now, with this feature, which is available to active, Guardian Support subscribers, Guardian not only matches the required updates of the system, but also delivers them automatically by means of an applet that is installed on an internet-accessible, non-DeltaV computer, thus translating into user time savings.

Here’s the complete library of Buddy’s Guardian screencasts.

Posted Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 under Guardian, Screencast.

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