Guardian Knowledge Base Article Management Screencast

Here’s Guardian screencast number 3 from Emerson’s Buddy Ilao, a member of Emerson’s SureService team. Buddy demonstrates how you can manage the knowledge base articles (KBAs) relevant for the versions of software and firmware in your automation and asset management systems. He describes the 6:40 screencast:

Guardian Knowledge Base Article Summary
The KBA dashboard tile addresses the issue of searching through all the published KBAs and determining which articles are applicable to a specific DeltaV system.

By being a Guardian subscriber, KBAs in this tile are already matched to the system selected, thus, risks are immediately mitigated by saving customers time in viewing and managing these documents. Links to the KBA and the nodes where that KBA is applicable to are conveniently located in the executive summary.

Near the end of the screencast, Buddy shows how Google search is incorporated and can be refined with checkbox selections for different life cycle areas including installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance. All and all, another informational, succinct screencast. Thanks, Buddy!

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