Greg McMillan Temperature Control Solutions Webinar TODAY

In the spirit of “better late than never”, I wanted to highlight a live webinar by’s Greg McMillan. His topic will be Temperature Control Solutions and will share:

…how to get the best temperature measurement and control performance for important unit operations in the process industry. It is recommended for control engineers, DCS configuration engineers, as well as instrument and process engineers.

The webinar is TODAY at 2-3pm Eastern North American time (UTC – 5). The cost is $195 per site per seminar for ISA Members and $225 per site per seminar for nonmembers. Because I’m late in letting you know about this, the online web registration is no longer open. To register, call ISA Customer Service at +1 919 549 8411.

Greg will help you learn about how to:

  • Select the best temperature sensor and valve for an application
  • Design the installation for the fastest and most accurate response
  • Design the control strategy to meet process objectives
  • Recognize and use key features of the PID controller
  • Predict the effect of system design and PID tuning on loop performance
  • Rapidly tune PID temperature controllers

Greg will cover:

  • Sensor Drift, Repeatability, and Sensitivity
  • Installation Effects
  • Control Valve Oscillations
  • Process Dynamics
  • Controller Tuning
  • Batch and Continuous Control Applications
  • Maximizing Production Rate and Process Efficiency


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