Reliability and Robustness Demonstrated Through Fun Videos

A colleague alerted me to a series of fun videos from the Rosemount Measurement team. The videos star Emerson’s Caitlin Breen and Daniel Lucey in the role of white lab-coated Rosemount 3051S Series instrumentation torture specialists.

It’s one thing to say your products are reliable and robust. It’s another to show it. And that they do through a series of reliability experiments–all done in a fun way with music and no narration.

Reliability experiment #1 involves dropping some 3051S transmitters off a 3-story building:

These same transmitters next get to go on to reliability experiment #2–being thrown in a lake:

Next comes reliability experiment #3–being dragged behind the back of a pickup truck:

Finally, in reliability experiment #4 they get to go through the fire and the flames:

I like the way Caitlin and Daniel demonstrate the point of 3051S Series instrumentation reliability and robustness in a novel and fun way. The only question remaining is, “Will it Blend?


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