Measure and Analyze-Flow, Analyzers, and Wireless

20120529-151849.jpgEmerson Jose Luis Juncar discussed flow measurement technologies and application fits. Wireless measurement devices play a key part of these technologies. One example is a wireless monitoring for and eyewash and safety shower. A wireless flow device can monitor when the shower has been activated to provide an alert back to the safety team.

Wireless on-off control is another application. Any time a person needs to manually push a button or flip a switch is an opportunity to apply a wireless switch. Jose notes that many process manufacturers begin with wireless by addressing an area of pain with a point solution.

After a few of these point solutions, a wireless infrastructure is established to allow addition to address more strategic areas such as energy management or regulatory reporting. The addition points of measurement provide the control system with the signals to perform more sophisticated control to address these strategic initiatives.

Posted Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 under Event.


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