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Energy Efficiency Webinar Tomorrow

Update: See the recorded version of the Energy Efficiency webinar.

Georgetown Steam PlantI saw a tweet from Emerson’s Nick Taylor of a webinar tomorrow, Energy Efficiency Management – Reducing Energy losses does not always require big investments. Nick will be co-presenting with Emerson’s Danny Vandeput, who leads the IEC 62591 wireless efforts for Europe and the CIS countries.

Here’s the webinar description:

The energy challenge is one of the greatest tests faced by Europe today. Rising energy prices and increasing dependence on energy imports jeopardize our security and our competitiveness. Key decisions have to be taken to reduce drastically our emissions and fight climate change. Estimated total investments of around €1 trillion will be needed in the next decade to make Europe’s installations and infrastructure fit for the future.

The European Council in 2007 adopted ambitious energy and climate change objectives for 2020 – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, to increase the share of renewable energy to 20%, and to make a 20% improvement in energy efficiency. Steam and compressed air are the most expensive sources of industrial energy used. If poorly managed they will contribute to a higher fuel & electricity bill, more CO2 emissions and in overall a decrease in overall profit – and being less competitive.

The webinar will be presented at two times: 11am-12pm CET (6am-7am EDT) and 2:30-3:30pm CET (9:30-10:30am EDT). You can register here to receive information on how to connect to the webinar.

Whether you operate in Europe or elsewhere around the world, this webinar may trigger some ideas on ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions at your plant.

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