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Get Your Thermowell Questions Answered

Temperature measurement is critical in many production and manufacturing processes. It’s not only important to pick the right measurement technology such as thermocouples or RTDs, it’s also important to have the right thermowell.

Thermowell secition of The Engineer's Guide to Temperature Measurement

Thermowell section of The Engineer’s Guide to Temperature Measurement

If you’ve taken advantage of getting a no-cost copy of The Engineer’s Guide to Temperature Measurement, you may have read section 3.3 on thermowells. The guide highlights their importance:

They [temperature sensors] are installed into a thermowell to isolate them from the potential damaging process conditions of flow-induced stresses, high pressure, and corrosive chemical effects.

In earlier temperature measurement-related blog posts, we’ve highlighted some of the challenges and applicable standards in thermowell selection and design as well as tools available to help.

I bring all this up because engineering resources and tools are some things to help, but also being able to connect with an expert to get your questions answered is another.

Tim Bonkat Temperature Measurement Engineer

Tim Bonkat
Temperature Measurement Engineer

Emerson’s Tim Bonkat will be hosting a thermowell selection webinar on July 8 at 9am CDT (UTC-5).

Tim will address:

  • Why you need a thermowell
  • Steps for selecting a thermowell
  • Thermowell failure considerations
  • Response time considerations

The webinar will be structured with 30 minutes of presentation by Tim and 20-minutes of questions & answers. I hope you can join in to get your questions answered to help you in your temperature measurement applications. If you can’t make it, hopefully the Engineer’s Guide can help.

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