Questions about RTDs or Thermocouples for Temperature Measurement?

In an earlier post, RTD or Thermocouple for Temperature Measurement?, we shared an educational video and recap on some of the selection requirements to help you select the right temperature sensor.

The video and the Engineer’s Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement may have prompted some questions you have for your specific temperature measurement application.

Ashleigh Farrell Temperature Measurement Engineer

Ashleigh Farrell
Temperature Measurement Engineer

If so, here is your chance to bring your questions to Emerson’s Ashleigh Farrell, a temperature measurement engineer. Ashleigh share insights based upon Emerson’s 50+ years of experience in temperature measurement.

Register for the RTDs vs. Thermocouples webinar

Register for the RTDs vs. Thermocouples webinar

She’ll highlight what’s important to make better selections and provide a better understanding of what would make the selection process easier and improve your temperature measurement outcome.

The webinar will be tomorrow morning, 9am U.S. Central time.

You will learn about:

  • The difference between RTDs vs thermocouples
  • Determining the level of accuracy
  • Considerations regarding process vibration

The format will be a 30 minute presentation on these topics followed by 20 minutes of question and answer for you to discuss your application challenges.

Ashleigh and Emerson’s Rosemount temperature measurement team look forward to your participation and questions. Register today and join the team tomorrow!

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