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Simplifying Local Smart Field Device Communications

The Industrial Internet of Things has opened great possibilities for remote experts with advanced analytical tools to diagnose issues before they lead to greater problems. However, there is still nothing like being there locally by the asset with an issue with powerful tools to diagnose it.

News came out yesterday of a new smart field device communicator, built on human-centered design principles, for:

…delivering an intuitive consumer-quality user experience and a brilliant modern display in a tool built to withstand harsh industrial environments…the Trex communicator makes device and loop diagnostics easy to understand and field activities easier to complete.

Emerson's Nick Meyer

Emerson’s Nick Meyer noted how technicians need fewer tools and can go anywhere with the AMS Trex Device Communicator, even in classified areas without requiring hot work permits. Global intrinsic safety requirements include certifications by ATEX, CSA (US/Canada), IECEx and FISCO.

ams-trex-in-fieldThe Trex communicator has a touchscreen interface that is usable with work gloves in the field and has a variety of carrying options that allow for one-handed or hands-free use in the field.

Separate tools such as a powered-loop simulator, Foundation fieldbus power supply and digital volt meter are no longer required since these functions have been built into the Trex communicator. Power the loop functionality allows device configuration in the field on new projects—even before power and I/O infrastructure are in place.

AMS Trex Device CommunicatorThe user experience has changed significantly from earlier handheld devices with many of the graphics and visual displays using the same HCD-based Device Dashboard screens as the AMS Device Manager software. Applications for the Trex communicator include Field Communicator, Loop Diagnostics, Fieldbus Diagnostics, and ValveLink Mobile.

The Field Communicator app provides options for configuring and troubleshooting HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices. Loop Diagnostics can power the loop in the field and also perform loop troubleshooting, loop characteristics verifications and checkouts.

Fieldbus Diagnostics provides tools for troubleshooting and validating Foundation Fieldbus segments. ValveLink Mobile helps analyze and review valve assembly condition and performance without affecting the process, as well as perform configuration and troubleshooting of the digital valve controllers.

For more on the AMS Trex Device Communicator, visit the brand new Emerson Automation Solutions website and check out the interactive display to rotate, zoom and pan the handheld device.

If you’ll be attending the October 24-28 Emerson Exchange conference in Austin, make sure to catch several of the many asset management and reliability sessions. You can also connect and interact with other maintenance and reliability experts in the Reliability & Maintenance group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.


  1. Fabrício Andrade says:

    Excellent field communicator! You have a good flexibility and a fresh user interface! I did a product review, and you can read here >

  2. jonasberge says:

    Industrial tools meet tablet computing. It was bound to happen. This tool is more fun to work with. I personally prefer to do as much work as possible from indoors at a workstation, such as checking device health etc. but from time to time you need to go to the field to work on the device, and then i want a portable tool with me so i become self-reliant; function check etc. myself in the field without calling on technicians or operators in the CCR. Laptops, particularly the industrially hardened ones, are too clunky. Can’t handle them with one hand. AMS Trex has the portability of a handheld terminal, yet the user friendly display similar to a laptop.

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