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On-Site Flow Meter Calibration Demonstration

Emerson's Johan Enters

Last week, I did a quick post at the Emerson Exchange conference in Brussels on performing on-site flow meter calibrations.

I wanted to follow up with a quick, just over 2-minute video featuring Emerson’s Johan Enters demonstrating the equipment and services used to perform these on-site calibrations.

This calibration solution eliminates the need to ship away these meters, which saves money, reduces downtime and minimizes the impact on the process.

You can connect and interact with other flow measurement and calibration experts in the Flow group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

Posted Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 under Flow.


  1. Doug Larter says:

    No mention was made for gas and please let me know if a rig could accommodate both mediums.


  2. Jim Cahill says:

    Hi Doug, I checked with Johan on this and here’s what he shared back with me. “This Mobile Calibration Unit is designed to calibrate with fresh water as fluid. If the supporting flow technology has calibration transferability liquid to gas, like Micro Motion Coriolis or Rosemount Vortex, this Mobile Calibration Unit accommodates calibration for meters used for gas flow as well.
    White paper: http://www2.emersonprocess.com/siteadmincenter/PM%20Micro%20Motion%20Documents/Water-to-Gas-%20Calibrations-WP-001883.pdf

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