Capturing Operator Knowledge Closest to the Source

Last week I co-presented at the Emerson Exchange Brussels conference on ways to cope with growing responsibilities and shrinking levels of expertise. With retirement and business “right-sizing” to match staff levels with business conditions, this is a challenge in many industries.

To capture operational knowledge, one of the key points made in our presentation was to collect the expertise if possible in the tool most used. For instance, operators should capture the problems encountered and solutions found in the control system they use. This searchable knowledge will be extremely valuable for new operators coming onboard. Going through piles of paper-based logbooks just isn’t as effective or efficient.

Emerson's Al Lee

I mention all this for people who have DeltaV systems controlling their production processes. Emerson’s Al Lee will be presenting a 30-45 webinar overview on DeltaV Logbooks. This webinar will be scheduled multiple times to accommodate your time zone, no matter where in the world you are located.

DeltaV Logbooks is a browser-based application used to capture electronic records of operator activity as well as plan and track operator tasks during a shift. Capturing this information not only helps shift communications, but it also builds a knowledge base of problems and solutions for others to learn from.

Here’s the webinar schedule. You can follow the appropriate link to register.

Future webinars in the series will address alarm management, virtualization, cybersecurity and the range of lifecycle services for DeltaV systems.

A great place to interact and get your questions answered on all these subjects is in the DeltaV group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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