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Emerson Subject Matter Experts Getting Social

It’s a light posting week with travel to our Minneapolis area offices. We had a great session with many of the measurement experts we feature here on the blog.

Our objective is to get them more comfortably and effectively participating in our Emerson Exchange 365 community, LinkedIn, Twitter and this blog.

The goal is to have them share their areas of expertise more directly to you to help you operate your manufacturing and production facilities more safely, reliably and efficiently.

We’ll do this again next week with many of our flow measurement and industry experts, so stay tuned as more of these Emerson voices come out to share their points of view and thoughts on helping you improve the performance of your projects and operations.

Join these and many more experts in the Emerson Exchange 365 community and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Amar DAMENE says:

    Dear all,
    I am facing a problem on how to setup the LRV and URV for a Combining Guided Wave Radar with Rosemount 9901 Chamber

    ON our Gas Filter (Vessel), The Rosemount Tansmitter 5301 is installd on a chamber 9901.

    Between the connection of tranmitter is 356 mm
    The probe lenght is : 700 mm
    Process connexion : 2 inch
    The size of chamber is :3 inch

    My Vessel is a Gas filter with Condensent
    Reference : 0 mm botom of vessel
    First connection is at 522 mm
    Second connection is at 878 mm

    How to setup the transmitter ?

    LRV = 522 mm …………… 4 mA
    URV = 878 mm …………… 20 mA

    With considerations of reel level of Vessel


    LRV = 0 mm ……………….4 mA
    URV = 356 mm …………….20 mA

    With considerations of only level of chamber

    The Alarm is at 600 mm with trip

    Thanks more

    Ready to send you others details

    • Hi Amar, Let me share this with some of my radar measurement colleagues and see what they have to say.

      • Hi Amar, Here’s the feedback I received, “The short reply on Amar’s question is to set the span between the lower and upper inlet – this is usually the best practice as measurements outside that range is typically not available during normal operation – and that this also is the typical range for older mechanical devices – so it thus make sense to set the GWR up equally.

        However; in order to set the GWR up regarding 4mA and 20mA, the recommendation is to key in the total length of the cage as “tank height” – the bottom of the cage will now act as your lower reference point, from where you set up your 4mA and 20mA. Consequently: the distance from the bottom of the cage up to the lower inlet will typically be your 4mA point and the distance from the bottom of the cage up to the upper inlet will be your 20mA point.”

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