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Ethylene furnace Automating Procedures in Ethylene Furnaces can bring Huge Benefits September 14, 2020 by Pete Sharpe | Downstream Hydrocarbons, Operator Performance There are many examples in plants where operators need to follow a particular procedure to safely transition the plant to a new condition. In an ethylene plant, furnace startup, decoke and shutdown operations are classic examples where following strict operating procedures is critical to prevent unsafe conditions as well as promote efficient operations. Since furnaces… Read More
Plantweb Optics Augmented Reality Helps Experts Prepare a New Generation of Plant Personnel September 3, 2020 by Todd Walden | Asset Management, Digital Transformation, Industrial IoT, Operator Performance, Reliability Augmented reality (AR) is no longer science fiction. Organizations are using AR tools to transform the way they perform operations and maintenance, ultimately delivering better performance and greater reliability. Emerson’s Anna Velena and Vineesh Kapoor shared their thoughts in a Control Engineering article on how plants are utilizing AR as part of their digital transformation—upskilling… Read More
Advances in Butterfly Valve Technology August 28, 2020 by Jim Cahill | Valves, Actuators & Regulators In a Flow Control article, The evolution of the butterfly valve, Emerson’s Joanne Lunsford describes some of the advances to… Read More
Focus on Reliability and Performance to Drive Competitive Advantage August 25, 2020 by Todd Walden | Capital Projects, Control & Safety Systems, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Power Generation, Water & Wastewater A common power industry theme at the 2020 Ovation™ Users’ Group Conference has been the many challenges organizations experience in… Read More

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ICS Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation Initiatives

ICS Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation Initiatives

Emerson Automation Solutions CTO Peter Zornio & Director of Cybersecurity Michael Lester were joined by Dragos CEO Robert M. Lee to discuss cybersecurity in digital transformation initiatives. In the webinar, Enable a Secure Digital Transformation with your ICS, Robert, Peter and Michael discussed ways to deal with the challenges of an increased attack surface from increase connections and flows of data to a wider group of people.

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Proving Coriolis Flow Measurement for Wellhead Produced Liquids

Proving Coriolis Flow Measurement for Wellhead Produced Liquids

Emerson’s Justin Hollingsworth shared a story of a Bakken shale region oil & gas producer test on the viability of using Coriolis flow meter technology at the wellhead to measure produced liquids. The Flow Control article, Wellhead flowmeter pilot test on the Bakken Formation, highlights the rigorous testing process to prove the robustness and accuracy of this technology for this challenging measurement application.

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