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Real-Time and Edge-Computing Virtualization

Virtualization of servers and PCs have come a long way in just a few years. It’s use in Operational Technology (OT)-based applications continues to grow.

In a Control Engineering article, Industrial virtualization heads to the plant floor, Emerson’s Vibhoosh Gupta discusses the use and application of virtualization for programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable automation controllers (PACs), and edge computers.

While many think of large servers hosting virtualized PC instances and thinking this approach could not work for the real-time speed requirements of PLCs and PACs, Vibhoosh explains how this is not only possible, but practical. Continue Reading

Liquid Level Measurement Automation Basics

What is the purpose of your level measurement? If you know the answer to that I highly recommend an Intech article, How to measure liquid level in vessels, by Emerson’s Lydia Miller. This article is but one of a number of excellent learning articles in the International Society of Automation (ISA)’s Automation Basics series of articles.

Lydia opens highlighting different purposes for level measurements:

  • Level of liquid-How close is the vessel to being full or empty?
  • Volume of liquid-How many liters or gallons is in the vessel?
  • Level has reached a high limit-Will the vessel overflow?
  • Level has reached a low limit-Will the vessel run dry?

The lower two can be measured with level switches or continuous level measurements while the top two require continuous measurement. Continue Reading

Two-Wire Coriolis Flow Meter Transmitter Advancements

Flow measurements are critical in many manufacturing and production processes. One example is in filling processes where accuracy is important for safety, reliability and quality.

On-Demand 2-Wire Coriolis Meter Transmitter WebinarIn an on-demand Chemical Engineering magazine webinar, Advancements in 2-Wire Coriolis Technology, Emerson’s Anthony Gentile joins Chemical Engineering’s Scott Jenkins to discuss how 2-wire Coriolis flow meter improves reliability by providing an accurate mass flow and density measurement. Continue Reading

Improved Quality with Mass Flow and Density Measurements

For food & beverage producers, managing the quality of each batch can be challenging when there are manual processes involved. For instance, if the raw materials are manually added, variations can cause batches to fall outside of the recipe’s specification.

In a Processing magazine article, Monitoring recipe and batch quality in real-time with flowmeters, Emerson’s Tom Belling highlights these and more challenges and how technology is helping to overcome them.

Processing: Monitoring recipe and batch quality in real-time with flowmetersTom opens describing the manual filling challenge as a reason why batches don’t match their recipes.

The main, overarching reason for this is that adding dry ingredients at certain points in the process is — in most instances — still a manual process and therefore subject to human error.

The financial impact is that these batches:

…drive up ingredient costs and can damage a brand’s reputation if poor batches of product make it to store shelves and consumers are impacted.

Tom shares an example of a beverage producer who estimated: Continue Reading

Control and Isolation Valve Qualification Testing

Just as people require certain qualifications to perform specific tasks, so does instrumentation, final control elements, control systems and other components in an automation architecture.

Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP): Purchase a Qualified Valve for Your OperationIn a very informative Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) article, Purchase a Qualified Valve for Your Operation, Emerson’s Jason Jablonski highlights numerous qualification standards and criteria for control and isolation valves.

Jason opens highlighting the importance of using the right valve for the intended application.

Proper valve operation is necessary to prevent hazardous fluid releases, equipment damage, and unstable plant control, all of which can be dangerous and costly.

The qualification process is dictated by the standard to which it is trying to adhere. Most standards testing specifications:

…require that a third-party witness attend, observe and document the tests.

Equipment for this testing can include: Continue Reading