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Simplifying Corrosion Monitoring and Control

Monitoring for corrosion in piping and vessels is critical in industries such as oil & gas and chemical production. Corrosion control is important in order to avoid damage and loss of integrity in a plant or production site.

The traditional approach of periodic manual inspection is being transformed by technology innovations. One example of these innovations is the recently announced Plantweb Insight application for monitoring inline corrosion. The new software application:

…delivers field data from Roxar wireless corrosion transmitters, providing valuable insight into instrument health and process corrosivity.

Roxar CorrLog wireless corrosion transmitters generate highly accurate corrosion data from Electrical Resistance (ER) and Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) inline corrosion probes. Continue Reading

Accurately Measuring Flow in Slurry Applications

Slurry flows are common in many process industries including metals & mining, pulp & paper, and oil & gas. Wikipedia defines a slurry as:

…a mixture of solids denser than water suspended in liquid, usually water. The most common use of slurry is as a means of transporting solids, the liquid being a carrier that is pumped on a device such as a centrifugal pump.

Measure the flow of these slurries with all the solid particulates can be challenging. In a Flow Control article, Tough slurry processes require quality measurements, Emerson’s Laura Chemler describes flow measurement solutions to address these challenges.

Laura opens describing the creation of slurries, which:

…means a pumped, pulped or mined material is mixed with water before it is moved along through a pipe to the next step in the process, which can involve adding chemicals or solvents for the next stage of the product.

In this creation and processing of the materials, accurate flow measurements are important for optimum production. Inaccuracies can mean: Continue Reading

Adding Experts in Valve Condition Monitoring

Data available in manufacturing and production facilities is growing faster than people can process. In a Process Industry Informer article, How Valve Condition Monitoring Reduces Plant Downtime, Emerson’s Fabrice Hoenig highlights this challenge:

The vast amount of data that is generated about equipment condition and performance offers a great opportunity to engineers, but it can be overwhelming to collect and analyse, especially in a time of decreasing workforces and expertise.

Process Industry Informer: The Benefits of Valve Condition MonitoringFabrice notes the improvement opportunity:

…ARC Advisory Group estimates that around $20bn, or 5% of annual production, is lost as a result of this downtime every year… around 80% of those losses are preventable.

Given this opportunity, effectively distilling and analyzing this wealth of data can drive business performance improvements. He explains that valves:

…are a critical final control component for any flow-based process and play a key role in overall availability and variability. This makes valves an essential asset requiring inclusion in any predictive maintenance-enabling condition monitoring solution.

While collecting the condition-based data is important, having experts analyze and provide actionable recommendations is what drives improvements. This expertise is often lacking on site or within the company’s organization. Continue Reading

Podcasts Popular in 2019 Posts

Emerson Automation Experts podcastAs we enter this new decade of the 2020s, I wanted to do a quick look back at 2019 to share the 10 most popular posts in terms of total views. It’s quite interesting to see that half of the top 10 are posts with embedded podcasts.

What’s interesting is that you can subscribe to these podcasts in the Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. without ever having to visit the blog post page. Looks like we need to do more podcasts this year…

Posts about valves and the oil & gas industry also seem to be quite popular.

This top 10 list consists of posts published in the 2019 calendar year that had the most views. Here they are: Continue Reading

Digital Valve Services for Improved Operational Performance

For process manufacturers & producers, the performance of final control elements including valves, actuators and regulators has a major impact on their efficiency, reliability and variability. Knowing how these final control elements are performing and when they need attention can improve overall operational performance.

This short 3-minute video, Digital Valve Services, highlights a portfolio of tools that provide operational data that is supplemented by OEM expert support to help keep valves operating as expected.

Continue Reading