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Quantifying the Resource Efficiency of the Global Steel Sector: Why is Our Metric Better?

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Author: Ana Gonzalez Hernandez In my last post, I introduced Emerson’s new resource efficiency approach. With it, Emerson proposes a new way of thinking about resource efficiency. One that encapsulates many aspects of modern industry solutions: we leverage the value residing in available metered data, communicate key knowledge through powerful digital visuals, and do so […]

Isolation Knife Gate Valve for Medium-Slurry Mining and Minerals Applications

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Many manufacturing processes have challenging fluids flowing through their pipes and vessels. Mining and minerals have some of the most challenging with abrasive and corrosive solids in the flowing fluids. In a Valve magazine article, Challenges of Medium Density Slurry Service in Mining and Mineral Processing, Emerson’s Mike Gordon describes innovations in knife gate valve […]

China Sneezed and the Mining Industry Caught Pneumonia

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Author: Alan Novak As noted in a recent Financial Post article, the world’s largest mining companies have fallen on hard times. Since 2011, global mining stocks have lost $1.4 trillion in value; more than the value of Apple, Exxon Mobil and Google combined. A few charts of the underlying commodities and related company stocks show […]

Improved Mining Safety and Operational Performance through Solids Level Measurement

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Some industries, such as the mining industry, face the challenge of having to measure the level of solids. Unlike liquids, they must content with the peaks and valleys depending on the consistency of the solids being measured. Emerson’s Asael Sharabi shared a story with me about a Canadian copper miner. In their mining process, they […]

“The 33” Movie Reminds Us of the Importance of Safety in Mining Operations

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Author: Juan Carlos Bravo This weekend, the movie named “The 33” opened in theaters. It depicts the story of the 33 miners trapped for 69 days in a gold mine in Copiapo, in Chile. I think this movie provides a glimpse of how the mining operations are a serious but sometimes dangerous business. For manufacturers […]