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Planning Operator Workloads

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There’s a great question on planning operator workloads. This Emerson Exchange 365 community, DeltaV group member posted, Is there a standard, industry reference or best practice to determine operator workload and staff requirement for DCS consoles? In part, they ask: I’ve been dealing with a question from our management for some time: we fear that […]

Innovations in Control System Operator Interfaces

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Operators in plant and production facilities have relied on Operator Interfaces (OIs), also known as human-machine interfaces (HMIs), as their window into the process—to monitor, control and work through abnormal situations. In a article, OI package empowers operations, Emerson’s Cindy Scott and Camilo Fadul, describe advancements in OI technology introduced in DeltaV Live to […]

10 Years Advancing Operator Performance via Research

Posted in Abnormal Situation Prevention, Operator Performance on Monday, April 3rd, 2017. One comment so far

Much research has been done over the last decade on improving the performance of plant operators to safely, reliably and efficiently operate their production processes. Huge contributions to these efforts have come from the Center for Operator Performance (COP). This group of industry, supplier and academia’s mission: …to raise the performance level of our operators […]

Capturing Operator Knowledge Closest to the Source

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Last week I co-presented at the Emerson Exchange Brussels conference on ways to cope with growing responsibilities and shrinking levels of expertise. With retirement and business “right-sizing” to match staff levels with business conditions, this is a challenge in many industries. To capture operational knowledge, one of the key points made in our presentation was […]

From Operators to Cross-Functional iOps Teams

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Control rooms where operators monitor and control the process have changed over the years as technologies have advanced. Today with advances in communications technologies, this “room” can extend globally. In a Process Engineering article, Remote Controller, Emerson’s Jeff Dymond describes this change in thinking to accommodate knowledge workers located remotely. He notes how this thinking […]