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Solving Manufacturers and Producers Toughest Challenges

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Let’s end this week with a post about bringing together Emerson Process Management and Emerson Industrial Automation to form Emerson Automation Solutions. In this 2:41 YouTube video, Executive President Mike Train describes the important innovations our customers bring to the world and our role in helping them be successful. He describes the commitment to partner […]

Stories of Paths to a STEM Career

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Over the past year, I wished numerous colleague happiness in their next phase of life, post retirement. The numbers will continue to grow as the baby boomers enter their retirement years. One of the things Emerson has been doing is promoting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to young people to encourage more to study […]

Freely Available Learning Tools for New Process Automation Professionals

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A question on PID control in the Emerson Exchange 365 community reminded me how good some of the free, online learning tools are available for engineers new to our instrumentation and process automation ranks. The question: i have a question about PID, about setpoint for one pid from other pid ,,,is possible that these two […]

Collaborating through the Social Networks

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There are many great conferences where process manufacturers and producers can share best practices and exchange knowledge with their peers. Our Emerson Exchange conferences—coming April 14-16 in Brussels and October 24-28 here in Austin—are but one example. Another great example is the ARC Advisory Group’s Industry Forum next week in Orlando. Many big topics will […]

Problem Solving Community Style

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I’ve always seen the promise of participation in online communities and LinkedIn groups as a way for process automation and instrumentation folks to share knowledge, but leave it available for others with similar questions at a later time. While email is a problem-solving tool, it is limited to those in the distribution and not discoverable. […]