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Liquidtight and Vibration-Proof Electrical Cable Connectors and Fittings

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This is one for those electrical engineers out there. When I was interning on offshore oil & gas platforms in my college years back in the 1980s, I learned there was a lot more than just making an electrical connection between electrical devices (motors, sensors, etc.) and the remote terminal unit or PLC. There were […]

A Look at Electronic Marshalling Reliability

Posted in Electrical Reliability, Power & Grounding on Thursday, April 15th, 2010. No comments yet
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You may or may not have heard about electronic marshalling. It’s a new development with the DeltaV automation system. Emerson’s DeltaV team has developed a new whitepaper, Electronic Marshalling Robustness, to describe this technology and its impact on overall system availability. If you’re not familiar with DCS marshalling panels to see the traditional method of […]

Medium and High Voltage Electrical Equipment Testing and Monitoring

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Storms blew through Austin the week before last knocking out power to our building. It reminded me of the criticality of reliable power to conduct business in this information age. If you’re responsible for maintaining the power distribution facility at your plant, you know how critical it is to avoid unplanned power outages. I caught […]

Assessing the Reliability of Medium Voltage Cable

Posted in Asset Optimization, Electrical Reliability, Emerson Exchange on Monday, April 14th, 2008. No comments yet

In my days as a young automation engineer putting in power, control, and safety systems on offshore oil and gas platforms, I had the “opportunity” to see improperly terminated motor leads burn up during a startup after power was supplied to them from a variable speed drive. So, it was with great interest that I […]