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Air Management and Emissions Control

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Emerson’s James Bare shared how effective process control and tuning improves combustion air management and improves overall emissions control at the 2019 Ovation Users’ Group conference. James opened describing different types of boilers and their operation in different regions. The focus of the presentation was on coal-fired boilers. Combustion of coal with air creates steam […]

Cooling Tower Solutions

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At the 2019 Ovation Users’ Group conference, Emerson Jason King provided an update on Ovation DCS solutions for cooling towers. Jason opened explaining that $450,000 USD can be saved using automated cooling tower monitoring and optimization solutions. Several challenges exist for cooling towers in the power generation industry. Cooling towers are used to condense the […]

Heat Recovery Steam Generator Purge Credit Success

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At the 2019 Ovation Users’ Group Conference, a U.S. power producer shared their story about shrinking down to a 17-minute purge on their combustion turbine (CT) startup. A heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) purge removes combustible levels of fuel mixtures prior to startup. A purge credit allows credit for a prior purge for the next […]

Improved Steam Temperature Control Strategies

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As electrical power producers and cogeneration facilities must handle the load swings produced on the supply and demand side. Optimizing steam temperature control is one key way to improve the reliability of on boilers and heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) caused by load swings. I caught up with Emerson’s Jeffery Williams who shared the details […]

Early Detection of Heat Recovery Steam Generator Tube Leaks

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A NACE International paper, HRSG Tube Failures: Prediction, Diagnosis and Corrective Actions highlights the challenge of these failures: Many HRSGs were originally designed for base load operation. Recent economic factors have led to drastically increased cycling of many units. This has exacerbated the rate of failures. These leaks can lead to forced outages that create […]