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Implementing an Effective Alarm Management Program

Posted in Alarm Management, Emerson Exchange on Thursday, October 27th, 2016. No comments yet
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At the Emerson Exchange conference in Austin Emerson’s Kim Van Camp and exida’s Todd Stauffer presented Seven Steps to a Peaceful Control Room: How to Implement an Effective Alarm Management Program for your DeltaV System. Their abstract: Has the alarm horn become the nemesis of your operators? This presentation describes how to create (build) an […]

Alarm Management Live Q&A Highlights

Posted in Alarm Management on Monday, October 17th, 2016. No comments yet
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The power of on-line technical communities is the knowledge exchange among experts. Instead of this knowledge being buried in email archives, it’s available for others to search and find—even well after the fact. Today we hosted a live Q&A session on alarm management for DeltaV systems in the Emerson Exchange 365 global user community. The […]

State-Based Alarm Management

Posted in Alarm Management on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016. 2 comments so far
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The ISA106 committee on Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations is chartered with: …developing standards, recommended practices, and technical reports on the design and implementation of procedures for automating continuous process operations. The committee is addressing: Models and terminology Modularization of procedural steps to foster re-use and lower TCO Exception handling for abnormal situations Physical, […]

Improving Refinery Performance through Alarm Management

Posted in Abnormal Situation Prevention, Alarm Management, Refining on Thursday, January 14th, 2016. No comments yet
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Alarms in the process are a normal part of life for plant operators. But, when improperly designed and implemented, they can be more of a nuisance, and potentially mask abnormal situations when they come flooding in. Emerson’s Marcelo Carugo shared an article with me that was published several years ago in Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine. The […]

Looking for a Long-Term Relationship?

Posted in Support Services on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014. 2 comments so far
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Author: Jocelyn Sexton When Emerson Process Management begins a relationship with a customer, we often spend one to four years planning, designing, implementing and building a project. Lifecycle Services is what takes place for 20-30 years after that initial project is complete. That’s a big commitment toward forging a long-term relationship! But at Emerson, Lifecycle […]