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Innovative Uses and Proven Results with HART Digital Communications Protocol

Posted in Asset Management, Control & Safety Systems, Event on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014. One comment so far
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You may have seen the recent news of the HART Communications Foundation and the Fieldbus Foundation merging to form the FieldComm Group. Ted Masters, President and CEO of the FieldComm Group noted: …the creation of FieldComm Group is an unprecedented opportunity to build upon existing technologies and develop a single future vision toward harmonization of […]

Using the FF-912 Diagnostics Specification to Improve Daily Maintenance Routines

Posted in Asset Management on Friday, May 24th, 2013. One comment so far
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Happy Friday—it’s Chris Womack with another guest post, this time about new device diagnostics standards and how they’re changing daily plant maintenance, including turnaround planning. Back in March, your regular blog host Jim Cahill wrote about how the Fieldbus Foundation incorporated the NAMUR end-user association’s new recommendations for device diagnostic functions and status reports, known […]

Update and History of Field Device Integration (FDI) Effort

Posted in Asset Management on Friday, March 15th, 2013. No comments yet
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Standards are an essential part of technology advancement. They provide a way for users to choose from multiple suppliers, and suppliers to create solutions with multiple suppliers’ technologies. In areas where competing standards emerge, it’s great when a path to a unified standard emerges. Such is the case with smart instrumentation device integration. The Field […]

Control in the Field for Availability and Performance

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In my automation-related blogs RSS feed, I discovered a Foundation Fieldbus blog post, Good Article on Benefits of Control in the Field. The Fieldbus Foundation (FF)‘s Larry O’Brien points to an article, Control-in-the-field provides control & reliability written by Emerson’s Travis Hesketh. The PCN [Process & Control News] Europe article describes the capability for control […]

Interoperability through Fieldbus Foundation Host Testing

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Three automation suppliers’ host systems have just passed the Fieldbus Foundation’s Host Profile Registration Process, including Emerson’s DeltaV system and AMS Device Manager software. The DeltaV and AMS Device Manager software achieved Class 61 – Integrated Host registration by successfully completing the test procedures outlined in the FF-525 Host Profile Registration Process checklist. The Fieldbus […]