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Real-Time Microgrid Control and Optimization at The University of Texas

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At my alma mater, The University of Texas, here in Austin, Texas, is the Carl J. Eckhardt Combined Heating and Power (CHP) Complex. It is often described: …as the largest and most integrated microgrid in the U.S…. [It] is capable of generating 135 MW (megawatt) power (63 MW peak) and 1.2 million lb/hr (pounds per […]

#POWERGEN 2017 Preview: Microgrids and Controls

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Author: Douglas Morris Microgrids are collections of generating sources that are coupled to operate as one either connected to or disconnected from (islanded) the main power grid (sometimes called the macrogrid). Being able to independently provide one’s power is becoming popular with standalone entities like colleges or universities, military bases, and remote locations. Hawaii is […]

Microgrid Monitoring and Control

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At the 2017 Ovation Users Group conference, Emerson’s Fred Huff presented on microgrid controls. Fred opened describing a microgrid as one that could stand alone or connect to the larger electrical grid. Components include distributed generation (DG), loads—critical and non-critical, energy storage systems (ESS), points of common coupling (PCC) and a microgrid controller. Fred focused […]