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Integrated Oil and Gas Well Testing

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Testing the composition oil, gas and produced water and basic sediment from oil & gas wells has traditionally required test separators. For offshore platforms and onshore well pads with multiple wells, this has meant complex manifolds and valves to route the production coming from an individual well between the test and production separators. Emerson’s Joseph […]

Integrated Operations Continue to Deliver Benefits in Today’s Oil Market

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Authors: Jeff Dymond and Mike Boudreaux The reality of lower oil and gas prices is driving energy companies to operate differently. The lower price per barrel is squeezing profitability and pushing companies to contain costs, increase reliability, and respond quickly to revenue opportunities. Some are reducing workforce to decrease costs. Others are running full bore […]

Fundamentally Transforming Capital Project Planning and Execution

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Executing capital projects grows increasingly difficult as their size and scope continues to expand. I caught up with Emerson’s Kevin Jackson who has witnessed this growth over time. Kevin notes that today 65% of projects over a billion dollars fail. Likewise, 35% of projects under $500 million have failed as well. By ‘failing’ he means […]

Offshore Technology Conference 2016—Examine your Chemical Injection System

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Author: Laura Schafer Take a moment and ask yourself: How much does my company spend every year on chemicals? For most, chemical injection is a sunk cost of production–it’s a cost that’s hard to tackle because few of us are chemists. Both the dosage of chemical and the amount spent on chemical is difficult to […]

High Pressure and Temperature Sensors for Subsurface and Surface Oil and Gas Applications

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In a Reuters article, Forget fracking. Choking, lifting latest efforts to stem U.S. shale bust, Andrew Slaughter, director for the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions stated: Production optimization is going to be the next phase of the shale revolution… The low price environment will give companies and operators a chance to take stock of the […]