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Tank Monitoring and Overfill Prevention

Posted in Level, Tank Gauging on Monday, June 23rd, 2014. 2 comments so far
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Earlier this year, the National Institute for Storage Tank Management (NISTM) held the 16th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show. At this conference, Emerson’s Johan Sandberg presented, The Future of Tank Monitoring and Overfill Prevention. Johan is a Global Business Development Manager for the Rosemount Tank Gauging family of technologies. He addressed […]

New API2350 Atmospheric Tank Storage Overfill Standard Explained in Detail

Posted in Level, Tank Gauging on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014. 2 comments so far
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Emerson’s Carl-Johan Roos shared ways to comply with the new API2350 standard for overfill protection on tanks. CJ opened noting there is no reward for risk takers when it comes to overfill protection. He is a member of the API2350 committee. Overfills occur one out of 3,300 fillings according to insurance company data. The vast […]

Upgrading to a new Tank Gauging system – why and how to?

Posted in Emerson Exchange, Level, Tank Gauging on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013. No comments yet
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Emerson’s Mikael Helmer provided an update on modern tank gauging systems and reasons to upgrade from existing ones. His abstract: The industry trend is clear, and have been so for a number of years. New radar based tank gauging systems are becoming the industry standard. But how does it fit into my existing infrastructure, and […]

Bringing Terminals up to Date with the Newest API 2350 Standard

Posted in Oil & Gas on Friday, June 21st, 2013. No comments yet
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Hi—Chris Womack here again. In today’s guest post, I’m back to talking about overfill protection and terminals. Specifically, I’m discussing a recent presentation that Emerson Global Sales Manager Johan Sandberg delivered to around 200 people at the June 4 International Liquid Terminals Association meeting in Houston. It’s about what’s most relevant for terminals in the fourth-edition […]

Overfill Prevention Standard and Path Forward

Posted in Level, Oil & Gas, Tank Gauging on Thursday, March 21st, 2013. 4 comments so far
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One of Europe’s leading events for the tank terminal industry is StocExpo, going on this week in Antwerp, Belgium. The Emerson team is there showing tank gauging and terminal management solutions. I had the opportunity to get my hands on a presentation being given today by Emerson’s Rikard Lövdahl who leads the Rosemount Tank Gauging […]