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Saving Time and Money on Plant Shutdowns with Intelligent Servicing

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Author: Scott Grunwald, Director of Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage (STO) Projects–Lifecycle Services When it comes to shutdown, turnaround and outage (STO) projects, maintenance best practices are a plant’s best friend. Shutdown work scopes are becoming smaller with greater emphasis on pre-turnaround and routine pit-stops. Economic uncertainty has led to plant operators looking to maximize efficiency […]

Minimizing Plant Turnaround Chaos

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The controlled chaos that surrounds a plant turnaround, or planned shutdown, has given more than a few engineers some gray hair. I highlighted a plant turnaround planning presentation at last year’s Emerson Exchange and I asked Emerson’s Chris Forland if I could get this year’s presentation. Chris, Scott Grunwald, and Miranda Pilrose presented, Parts, People […]