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Cooling Tower Wireless Condition Monitoring Webinar

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In a recent Automation World column, The Future is Attainable with Today’s Automation, Emerson Process Management’s former president, John Berra, noted: The number one issue in process plants is the disruptive cost of an unplanned shutdown. And the number one cause of unplanned shutdowns is rotating equipment. Amazingly, most compressors and pumps are not monitored. […]

Rotating Equipment Monitoring and Protection

Posted in Asset Management on Monday, February 7th, 2011. One comment so far
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I discovered a great article, The Signs of Failure, in the fall edition of Resource Engineering & Maintenance magazine. Emerson’s Dan Nower, a member of the Machinery Health Management team wrote the article. Dan shares the thought that most rotating machinery failures give notice before they fail. This is not unlike those of us who […]

Getting Plant Alarms under Control

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I discovered this post yesterday, Alarming Links & Resources from the Harold in Control blog. It included a link to a DeltaV whitepaper on Alarm Rationalization. It also pointed to a LinkedIn discussion in the Alarm Management group, Alarm Rationalisation Success Stories You Can Share? (you must be a member of this LinkedIn group to […]

Control Valves in Process Uptime

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OK, the folks in Emerson’s Fisher valve division get pretty excited about control valves, but do you? Control valves, after all, have been around for a while: The concept of a control valve goes at least as far back as the bronze plug cocks used by the Romans in their aqueducts… The concept of a […]

Roadmapping Efficiency Improvements

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Utilities Middle East magazine had a recent interview with Emerson’s Jeff Householder. Jeff is based in Dubai and leads the Systems and Solutions efforts for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. This Q&A article explores Jeff views on the outlook for the power and water utilities industry in the MEA region. Unlike other process […]