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A Strategic Partnership Driving Valve Operational Performance Improvement

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Manufacturer and producer reliability teams focus much of their efforts around the large plant assets including pumps, compressors, and control systems to maintain efficient and reliable operations. Valves, actuators and regulators often don’t get this same attention. Yet, these final control elements can have a major impact on the performance of the process. I caught […]

Control and Isolation Valve Qualification Testing

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Just as people require certain qualifications to perform specific tasks, so does instrumentation, final control elements, control systems and other components in an automation architecture. In a very informative Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) article, Purchase a Qualified Valve for Your Operation, Emerson’s Jason Jablonski highlights numerous qualification standards and criteria for control and isolation valves. […]

Thoughts on Control System Migration Projects

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Control magazine had a great article a few months back entitled, Control System Migration. It did a great job covering the selection and planning process when modernizing your automation system. Recently, I featured Emerson’s John Dolenc and his perspectives on justifying your automation modernization investment. Taken together, there are many ideas to help plan a […]