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Optimizing Refinery Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units and Vapor Recovery Units

Posted in Analyzers, Refining on Monday, January 29th, 2018. No comments yet
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The petroleum refining process is a marvel in how it converts crude oil into so many usable and valuable products and feedstocks for other products. If you’re unfamiliar with the refining process or beginning your experience journey in the industry, I highly recommend the Hydrocarbon Engineering article, Waste Not, Want Not, by Emerson’s Bonnie Crossland. […]

Smart Vapor Recovery for Oil & Gas Production Process Emissions

Posted in Oil & Gas on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017. No comments yet
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The Schlumberger Oil Field Glossary defines a stock tanks: A storage tank for oil production after the oil has been treated. As oil is held in these stock tanks, residual natural gas and other vapors can flash off and collect above the liquid level. Vapor recovery is the process to collect, compress and prepare this […]

Oil and Gas Storage Tank Vapor Control & Recovery

Posted in Oil & Gas on Friday, December 16th, 2016. No comments yet
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For onshore oil & gas production well pads, effectively managing and recovering vapors means improving emissions control to meet regulatory requirements, increasing saleable natural gas, and providing a safer work environment for the personnel who manage the well pad site. In one of the Produced Fluids Management recorded webinars, Tank Vapor Control and Recovery in […]

Complying with Storage Tank Emissions Regulations

Posted in Regulator, Regulatory Compliance on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015. 3 comments so far
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If you’re an energy producer here in the United States, you likely already familiar with the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Quad O” regulations, or officially, EPA Title 40, C.F.R. Part 60, Subpart OOOO—Standards of Performance for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production, Transmission and Distribution. The EPA defines its purpose: This subpart establishes emission standards and […]

5 Ways to Maximize Gas Sales in Oil Production

Posted in Oil & Gas on Monday, May 19th, 2014. 3 comments so far
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Author: Lee Rumbles Handling excess gas that vaporizes from crude while in a holding tank is a problem. Options, none of which are ideal, include: vent the tank to the atmosphere, flare or combust the gas, or route gas to a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) where it is compressed and then sent to sales. What […]