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Streamlining Oil & Gas Well Test Operations

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The separation of oil, gas, produced water and sediments from producing oil & gas wells take place in production separators. Traditionally test separators were also installed to individually test the wells to determine their composition of these components. Technology advancements have opened up the opportunity to perform this multiphase measurement without the need for the […]

Multiphase Flow Measurement for Oil and Gas Well Pads

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In oil and gas production well pads and offshore platforms, separators perform the work of breaking out the oil, gas and water into separate component streams. Test separators have historically taken flows from individual wells, known as well tests, to determine the percentages of these components on a periodic basis. These components are then returned […]

Integrated Oil and Gas Well Testing

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Testing the composition oil, gas and produced water and basic sediment from oil & gas wells has traditionally required test separators. For offshore platforms and onshore well pads with multiple wells, this has meant complex manifolds and valves to route the production coming from an individual well between the test and production separators. Emerson’s Joseph […]

Integrated Oil and Gas Well Testing

Posted in Subsea, Valves, Actuators & Regulators on Wednesday, June 10th, 2015. No comments yet
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Testing the composition of oil, gas, basic sediment and water has historically been a batch-type operation where the flow from a single well has been diverted from a header leading to the production separator over to a test separator. These components are measured in the test separator before returning for further processing. As technology has […]

Simplifying Oil and Gas Production and Well Test Piping

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Oil & gas production facilities and offshore platforms require the ability to periodically test the individual wells for oil, water, brine, condensate, gas, and other fluids to understand the production trends and if well operating parameter adjustments will be required. Piping and valve work to accomplish this testing has historically been complicated and has required […]