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Practical Roadmap to Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation, digitalization, digital twins and all things digital has been threading through the discussions taking place this week at CERAWeek. Emerson’s Chris Hamlin joined the fray with a presentation in one of the Agora Pods, Beyond hype: Practical Roadmap to Digital Transformation. Chris’ mission for the presentation was to give a clear and actionable […]

Creating Business Value through Digital Transformation

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How does Digital Transformation create business value for energy producers? That was the focus of a CERAWeek 2019 panel, Digital Transformation: Creating value. This session explored where value has been captured to date, value yet to be created, and the path to maximize returns. Emerson Automation Solutions executive president, Lal Karsanbhai joined the panel to […]

Built for Purpose Plant Asset Insights

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We know that manufacturers and producers undergoing digital transformation journeys need to consider people, processes and technologies along the path to better performance. Technology alone won’t cause a transformation, but it plays a very important role. The Plantweb digital ecosystem is a scalable portfolio of technologies, software and services that can be applied in the […]

Improving Energy Efficiency with IIoT

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Think about an “Internet of Things” (IoT) device that you may use in your home life. It’s typically an ordinary device, such a thermostat, and made into an IoT device with communications and a visual interface to remotely view date & control actions from the device. For instance, my Emerson Sensi thermostats communicate through my […]

Edge and Cloud Computing Podcast

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Control and Control Design magazine have a podcast series, Control Amplified, featuring thought leaders in the world of process control and automation. In their most recent podcast, Computing at the Edge, Executive Editor Jim Montague interview’s Emerson Chief Technology Officer, Peter Zornio, about the edge of process automation and control systems and how it’s changed […]