Foundation Fieldbus Diagnostics and Advanced Process Control Screencast

In our continuing series of screencasts, I’m trying to give examples of how advanced diagnostics in Foundation fieldbus devices can be used in control strategies to avoid abnormal situations and potential losses in production.

FFDiagnostics Advanced Control
Emerson’s Rune Reppenhagen shows in this quick 2 minute, 47 second screencast, how an advanced model predictive control strategy in a DeltaV controller automatically recognizes a failure diagnostic in a temperature transmitter and switches the mode of control over to a manual state.

At the same time, this diagnostic alerts the operator of the situation, and the AMS Device Manager software shows the condition of the transmitter so it can be quickly repaired.

By using the advanced diagnostics from these intelligent field devices in the control and advanced control strategies, conditions which impact the availability and quality of the process can be avoided.

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