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5 Questions for Operational Certainty Consultant Kendall Beushausen

Emerson’s Kendall Beushausen joins our continuing podcast series, 5 Questions for an Emerson Expert. As an Operational Certainty consultant, Kendall works with clients to help improve reliability through the application of the latest technologies and improved work processes in process management, maintenance and reliability through the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics.

In the coming weeks, look for a more in-depth podcast with Kendall on the ways to think about the Industrial Internet of Things and its application in the process industries.

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Tank Gauging System Components

Tank gauging systems perform bulk liquid measurements on storage tanks on tank terminals, a.k.a. tank farms. These systems provide inventory management and overfill prevention safety functions. The systems include level measurement devices such as safety certified Rosemount 5900S radar level gauges, Rosemount 2240S multi-input temperature transmitters, a Rosemount 2410 tank hub which handles communication between the field devices and the control room for single or multiple tanks, a Rosemount 2460 System Hub that transfers real time tank gauging data from field devices to the TankMaster inventory management software and/or control system.

I wanted to share that background for another “how to” video about one of these elements in the tank gauging system. This 5:45 YouTube video, Rosemount 2460 How to Change Motherboard describes the process of changing a Rosemount 2460 System Hub motherboard. It shows mechanical installation, wiring, and how to restore the configuration database. Continue Reading

Migrating Legacy Control Systems and PLCs with FlexConnect Solutions

Now, with these control systems being more than 30+ years old, most of these legacy systems have been placed in to end of life or retired lifecycle status which means no further factory support is available. I caught up with Emerson’s Scott Ross about the choices that must be considered moving forward.

Manufacturers and producers face options whether to modernize to a newer family of distributed control systems (DCSs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or move the PLC I/O and logic to a DCS, such as the DeltaV DCS. For many users with PLCs and DCSs, the ongoing challenge has been to maintain two databases, keep expertise and skills to manage the systems, and source & stock sets of spares for each system. Continue Reading

Upskilling for Increased Manufacturing Productivity

How many times have you used a high technology device such as a smart phone or watch, only to discover a much easier/better way to do something after being shown how? This productivity improvement could have come from someone showing you, coming upon a write up or video, or formal training.

For those new to manufacturing and production or those more seasoned coming upon new automation technology, training can play an important role in upskilling to gain the productivity benefits.

In a Control Engineering article, Continuing education advances process control, instrumentation productivity, editor Mark Hoske interviews Emerson’s Steve Tooley and Blaine Williams on the importance of hands-on learning to get the most value from automation technology. This education helps during specification, integration and ongoing use of the automation technology. Continue Reading

Frequency Modulation for Improved Radar Level Measurement

For those that still listen to FM radio over the airwaves given our increasingly streaming digital world, you may know that the FM stands for “frequency modulation”. Information such as the music you hear on an FM music station is encoded in the radio signal through subtle changes in the frequency of the signal.

In a Flow Control magazine article, How frequency modulation can improve effectiveness of radar level measurement, Emerson’s Ingemar Serneby shares how this FM technology is applied to tank level measurement. Continue Reading