Natural Gas Distribution Smart Stations and Networks

Emerson's Sergio Pasquali

Earlier this week we previewed Emerson’s Marc Buttler’s presentation on reducing lost and unaccounted-for gas to be presented at next week’s World Gas Conference.

Also presenting will be Emerson’s Sergio Pasquali. His presentation, New Technologies Drive Operational Performance by Connecting Smart Stations to Distribution Networks, will be on Friday, June 29 at 1pm. Sergio collaborated on the paper for this presentation with Emerson’s Dave Macedonia, Aurélien Tissot and Rossella Mimmi.

They open their abstract noting:

Natural Gas distribution companies have been historically slow to adopt new technologies, especially so-called “smart” technologies, in their networks. Their counterparts in electric utilities, process plants, and even gas transmission have widely adopted connected components and solutions to quickly give them access to data to make decisions, improve the safety of their systems, and provide them with the functionality they need to improve their operations. Recently, the natural gas distribution segment has begun to catch up by adopting these types of technologies to enjoy similar results. Solution providers in the industry have developed customized systems for customers and, when coupled with a digital ecosystem, they can drive substantial value for gas utility companies.

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Mobile Control System Operational Experience

Emerson's Mariana Dionisio

Emerson's Camilo Fadul

Emerson's Cindy Scott

One only has to do cursory “people-watching” to see how connected most all of us are to our mobile devices. Whether it’s social feeds, news, messaging or other activities much of our attention goes there. This technology is transforming the way we interact, learn and perform tasks.

For manufacturers, these transformation is extending into their production processes. In a Control Engineering article, Five essential criteria for effective mobile HMIs, Emerson’s Mariana Dionisio, Camilo Fadul and Cindy Scott highlight the strategies that should be considered for bringing human machine interfaces (HMIs) to a smart phone or tablet device.

They open the article:

Placing process control information on mobile devices for engineers, operators, managers, or maintenance technicians is becoming a necessity to enable digital transformation and elevate the performance, productivity, and safety of facility operations. Creating an effective mobile strategy is critical to the success of projects and operations because it helps balance the need for flexible access to operations technology (OT) information with information technology (IT) safety and security requirements.

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Reducing Lost and Unaccounted-for Gas with Coriolis Flow Measurement

Every three years, the World Gas Conference convenes. It is:

…the most important global gas industry gathering of influential leaders, policy-makers, buyers, sellers and experts.

Emerson's Marc Buttler

Emerson’s Marc Buttler will present at this year’s conference, June 25-29 in Washington DC. His presentation, Calibration Options for Coriolis Meters in Natural Gas Measurement, will discuss how:

Coriolis meters are creating new opportunities to improve transmission and distribution systems for enhanced reliability, reductions in lost and unaccounted for (LAUF) gas, and increased project velocity and certainty. This presentation describes the multiple options that are available to calibrate a Coriolis meter for natural gas measurement, and explains the advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing the best method for any given project or application.

Marc will highlight the American Gas Association’s AGA Report 11 and: Continue Reading

How to Setup Keystone Actuator Mechanical Limits

As part of Emerson’s acquisition of the Pentair Valves and Controls business, the Keystone brand of valves and actuators joined the final control area of Emerson Automation Solutions. Over on the Bettis YouTube channel, is a great series of videos in setting up Keystone EPI2 electric actuators.

I’ll recap a few points made in the first video, Keystone EPI2 Setup & Commissioning Video 1 Setting Mechanical Limits, in this seven-part series.

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Midstream Oil and Gas Operator Digital Transformation

Emerson's Chuck Miller

In several of the upstream oil & gas-related blog posts we highlighted digital transformation opportunities and activities. But what about in the midstream sector including gas processing facilities, pipelines and storage terminals?

In a Pipeline Industry Report article, Emerson Committed to Digital Transformation, Emerson’s Chuck Miller describes the opportunity for businesses in the midstream sector in the Middle East regions. These same ideas apply to companies in the other world areas as well. Continue Reading