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Fisher WhisperTube Product Demo Video Reduce Fluid Flow Noise Without Pressure Drop May 12, 2023 by Jim Cahill | Valves, Actuators & Regulators In this 9:51 video, Fisher WhisperTube Product Demo, Emerson’s Shelby Daniels explains in detail how this technology is a passive reactive silencer that reduces system noise across a wide range of conditions without impacting the flow capacity or process. Read More
PACSystems and Movicon.NExT Solutions Selected for Water Distribution in Largest Greenfield Urban Development Project in the World May 11, 2023 by Andrea Di Talia | Control & Safety Systems, Cybersecurity, Sustainability, Water & Wastewater In today’s world, it’s unusual to get to work on an urban development project that’s entirely greenfield, but Emerson is currently involved in just such a development with several product families including, quite notably, the discrete control and software solutions. Few projects could be more challenging in terms of both environmental and technical challenges. Here… Read More
Houston as Global Energy Leader Leads Energy Transition May 10, 2023 by Jim Cahill | Energy & Emissions, Sustainability The Sustainability Summit is about successfully managing the global energy transition and Houston’s leading role in the global energy business.… Read More
Ultrasonic Flow Meters Set a New Standard for Natural Gas Custody Transfer May 5, 2023 by Lonna Dickenson | Flow, Oil & Gas In a Process Instrumentation magazine article, Emerson’s Lonna Dickenson explains how ultrasonic flow meters have the specific capabilities and accuracy… Read More

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Reduce Energy Consumption and Achieve Net Zero Goals with Multimedia Utilities Monitoring – Start Small and Scale Up

Reduce Energy Consumption and Achieve Net Zero Goals with Multimedia Utilities Monitoring – Start Small and Scale Up

Driven by the need to both cut resource costs and minimize their environmental impact, companies across all industries are targeting net-zero strategies and sustainability goals. Monitoring utilities such as compressed air, water, electricity, steam and other gases...

read more

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