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Role of Cloud and Edge in Automation Architectures

The Emerson acquisition of General Electric’s Intelligent Platform business closed on February 1, 2019. Emerson’s Rich Carpenter recorded a podcast with IoT Time’s Ken Briodagh the prior summer while serving as the General Manager of this business.

In the IoT Evolution podcast, IoT Time Podcast S.3 Ep.28 GE Automation & Controls, they discussed the Edge, Cloud, IIoT, and the changing architectures in Industrial Automation.

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Podcast: Digital Transformation for Walkdowns

We continue our FIRSTHAND: Operational Certainty in a Pod podcast series with a conversation with Emerson’s Jerry Chen.

As an Operational Certainty consultant, Jerry works with manufacturers and producers to improve the reliability of their processes. It starts with a complete understanding of the assets used in the production process and keeping these records current as an important component of an effective reliability strategy.

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Rapid Exhaust Pneumatic Valves for Safer Machine Operations

Despite advancing automation, operators in many of the hybrid and discrete manufacturing industries must interact with the machinery and avoid getting injured.

In a Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine post, Reliable Pneumatics Ensure Safe Machines, Emerson’s Andreas Blume and Dusko Markovic share how technology advancements have helped create safer machine operations. They open describing the perils of some machinery.

The operator holds the open package in the machine with his left hand and seals it by moving an axle with his right. All it takes is a single second of distraction and his hand is caught in the axle.

The operator would likely require: Continue Reading

How to Install a Rosemount Non-Contacting Radar Level Transmitter

Here’s a quick one-minute YouTube video, Rosemount 5408 How To – Mechanical Installation showing the mechanical installation of a Rosemount 5408 Non-Contacting Radar level transmitter.

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Filters-Regulators-Lubricators for Reliable Pneumatics

Hybrid industries manufacturers having a combination of process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing, as well as discrete industries manufacturers, require pneumatic controls in their machine automation. A critical component in reliable pneumatic control are filters, regulators, and lubricators (FRLs).

In a Machine Design article, The 6 Things Engineers Should Know About Pneumatic Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators, Emerson’s Jeff Disbrow provides a 101 overview of FRLs and key considerations for reliable operations.

FRLs, such as the ASCO Numatics 651/652/653 series, provide the air preparation for the:

…valves, manifolds, cylinders, and actuators that control machine motion…

As the Industrial Internet of Things technologies are incorporated into FRLs, these devices can measure:

…critical variables such as flow, contamination, and pressure—using the information for further data analytics and decision making.

Jeff breaks down each of these components for those of us less familiar with the operation of pneumatic systems. FRLs are found:

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