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Accurately Measuring Slurry Flow Rates

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In this 3-minute YouTube video, Emerson’s Magnetic Flow Meter for Slurry Applications Provides Improved Signal Quality & Diagnostics, Laura explains how this Rosemount Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter works and why this mag meter is an ideal solution in pulp and paper, mining and oil & gas fracking applications.

Tips for Accurate DP Level Measurements

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Differential pressure (DP) for liquid level measurement works by measuring the hydrostatic head pressure at the bottom of the vessel and the specific gravity of the liquid. The height of the liquid in inches is the pressure of the liquid column in inches of water divided by the specific gravity of the liquid. I share […]

Refinery Flare Regulatory Compliance

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At the 2020 4C Health, Safety & Environment conference, Emerson’s Jamie Marsden presented, New Refinery Flare Regulations 40 CFR Part 63. The rule, 40 CFR 63 Subparts CC and UUU, affects any refinery with a flare used as a control device for an emission point, and those refineries must have been in compliance by January […]

Environmental Reporting Digital Transformation

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Meha Jha described how environmental reporting is being digitally transformed at the 2020 4C HSE conference. Typical flow measurements for compliance reporting need to be verified every year to every few years based on the local regulations. Traditionally this verification process has required process shutdown and pulling the meter for calibration. Digital methods for verification […]

Wireless Toxic Gas Continuous Monitoring

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Various oil & gas producing regions can also have toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) come along as a byproduct. For the safety and well being of the operating personnel the areas where they work must be monitored. At the 2020 4C Health, Safety & Environmental conference, Emerson’s Josh Hernandez presented, A New Way […]