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Doubling Bunkering Deliveries with Certified Marine Bunker Measurement

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Heavy fuel oil and marine gas oil are used in many marine applications. Wikipedia relates the term bunkering: …to storage of petroleum products in tanks (among other, disparate meanings.) The precise meaning can be further specialized depending on context. Perhaps the most common, more specialized usage refers to the practice and business of refueling ships. […]

Successfully Automating Terminal Operations

Posted in Marine, Operations & Business Management on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014. 2 comments so far
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Making an operational step change in a production process involves a clear vision and people, processes and tools to execute the vision. A July/August 2014 Tank Storage magazine article, Automating terminal operations, highlights the story of Vopak transforming their operations from remote manual to fully integrated. Emerson’s Cor Vermeijs and Chris Amstutz collaborated with Vopak’s […]

Steps in Bunker Fuel Custody Transfer

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Anything that can reduce the turnaround time for marine vessels in port improves their overall operational efficiency. In an earlier post, More Accurate Marine Fuel Measurement, we highlighted how bunker fuel measurements could be improved with mass flow measurements. Emerson’s Micro Motion team has created a 3:12 Youtube video, Emerson Micro Motion Marine Vessel Operating […]

More Accurate Marine Fuel Measurement

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A large component to global trade is commercial shipping operations. Like accurately filling and paying for the gas that goes in your car, these ships require accurate custody transfer from the supplier of the fuel used to propel them over great distances. I caught up with Emerson’s Charles Bogenberger, a member of the Micro Motion […]

LNG Fuel Custody Transfer for Marine Vessels

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In earlier posts, we’ve highlighted the use of bunker fuel for marine vessels. With the global trend for increased supplies and decreased costs of natural gas and tightening environmental regulations, marine transportation companies are looking at cleaner burning liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an alternative to the heavy fuel oil. At the recent Lloyd’s Maritime […]