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Controlling Pressure when Testing Oil and Gas Well Bore Cement

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For those not familiar with the oil & gas drilling process, the cement that is between the well bore and outside of the well casing is critical to the overall integrity of the well. PetroWiki defines its role: Cement is used to hold casing in place and to prevent fluid migration between subsurface formations. Controlling […]

Faster Subsea Hydraulic Equipment Startups

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Offshore oil and gas producers use hydraulic power to operate much of their subsea equipment. This equipment includes valves, cylinders, motors, manifolds, blowout preventers and remote operated vehicles to name a few. Pressure regulators in Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) help ensure the required hydraulic pressure is available for this equipment. One of the challenges in […]

Doubling Bunkering Deliveries with Certified Marine Bunker Measurement

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Heavy fuel oil and marine gas oil are used in many marine applications. Wikipedia relates the term bunkering: …to storage of petroleum products in tanks (among other, disparate meanings.) The precise meaning can be further specialized depending on context. Perhaps the most common, more specialized usage refers to the practice and business of refueling ships. […]

Subsea Well Wireless Pressure and Temperature Measurement

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The news continues to flow out from the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. One piece of news, as reported by Rigzone, is Emerson Deploys Downhole Wireless Sensor System on Statoil’s Skuld Field. From the press release: Emerson Process Management announced Monday the successful first deployment of its Roxar Downhole Wireless PT Sensor System. The […]

Formation Kicks and Wellbore Ballooning in Oil and Gas Wells

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Controlling the oil and gas drilling process is about managing the pressure and fluids from the reservoir with the hydrostatic pressure in the drilling mud. From Wikipedia’s well drilling entry: Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) is defined by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) as “an adaptive drilling process used to more precisely control the […]