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Upgrading Boiler Burner Management and Combustion Control Systems

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The Emerson Industrial Energy consulting team assisted a Northeastern U.S. specialty chemical manufacturer with modernizing the controls on two 1960’s vintage Combustion Engineering “D” Type process steam boilers.

Sensors and Analytics for Reliable and Efficient Electrical Generation

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In a Power magazine article, New Monitoring and Analytics Tools Improve Plant Performance, Emerson’s Brian Joe and Juan Panama describe how Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies help electrical generating plants increase reliability and overall efficiency.

BioPhorum Best Practices on Knowledge Management

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Emerson’s Michalle Adkins alerted me to the release of a new BioPhorum Knowledge Management white paper, A Test Case in CMC Business Processes from Late-Stage Development to Commercial Manufacturing.

Improving CAR-T Therapeutical Production

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Alan Johnston describes gene therapy, cell therapy and CAR-T which combines both. These have the goal to treat disease by changing the blueprint to our body at a microscopic level.

Accelerating the Development and Production of Therapeutics

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The focus of the world right now is on how to defeat the Coronavirus and return to more normal times. Manufacturers in the Life Sciences industry are racing at a breakneck pace to develop vaccines and treatments. Automation, analytics play a large role in both the development process for new therapies and ongoing optimized production. […]