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Helping Hands for Your Valves

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Imagine you have been tweaking and tuning one of your control loops and have the perfect PID [proportional-integral-derivative] settings. Everything is working great for several months until it isn’t. Chances are that it’s the part of that loop doing all the manual work to keep the process running smoothly—the control valve. A poorly performing control […]

Modernization of DCS and PLC with Electronic Marshalling

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Now, with many control systems being 30+ years old, most of these legacy systems have been placed in to end of life or retired lifecycle status. This means no further factory support is available. I caught up with Emerson’s Scott Ross about some of the choices that must be considered moving forward. Manufacturers and producers […]

Modern Process Control Imperative for Digitalization

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For chemical manufacturers, what business performance improvements are possible by executing a digitalization strategy? In a Chemical Engineering article, Digitalization Founded in Modern Process Control Strengthens Chemical Operations, Emerson’s John Dolenc shares the technology components in executing this strategy. John opens describing the performance improvement opportunities, such as: …improvements in throughput, product quality and reduced […]

Ethylene Furnace Automation, Control & Optimization

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Cracking furnaces are one of the most crucial parts of an ethylene complex. They set the production and yield for the entire plant. For furnace-limited plants, when a furnace is down, whether for maintenance or decoking, production is lost.

Successful Project Management Leadership Skills

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The best laid plans do not always guarantee a successful project. But strong project management leadership can help identify the issues and help the project team address these issues earlier before they might lead to delays and additional costs. In a article, Vision, Vigilance, and Intuitive Judgment in Project Management Processes, Emerson’s Sal Zafar […]