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MyTraining workforce performanceGetting the most out of your instrumentation and automation technologies requires a skilled workforce. Emerson Education Services has developed MyTraining, which provides courses that hone critical thinking skills and help ensure your staff keeps pace with industry innovations. The training is geared toward specific teams within your workforce and founded on rigorous IACET (International Accreditation for Continuing Education and Training) practices and policies.

MyTraining offers maximum flexibility, allowing plants and their employees to choose when, where, and how to take the courses. Tailored to an employee’s personal learning style, the training builds on skills and competencies needed for specific core tasks and roles.

In this podcast, Caressa Kendall joins me to highlight the advantages and capabilities within MyTraining. Give it a listen and visit the MyTraining section on for more about how to upskill and fully benefit from the automation technologies in your facility.


Jim: Hi, everyone. I’m Jim Cahill, and welcome to another Emerson Automation Experts Podcast. To operate your plant as safely and efficiently as possible, it’s critical that your employees have access to essential expertise and knowledge. MyTraining from Emerson arms your workforce with critical thinking skills and ensures that their work Processes keep up as technologies evolve.

Our guest today, Caressa Kendall will expand more about this extremely helpful online platform that puts on-demand learning at your fingertips. Welcome Caressa.

Caressa: Thank you, Jim, for having me today.

Jim: All right, let’s begin by asking, what is MyTraining more broadly, and its initial focus on digitizing and optimizing the processes involved in purchasing training courses?

Caressa: Yeah, MyTraining is a component of MyEmerson, which is our personalized digital experience. It provides a central location where we can easily access. Through a single login of my Emerson, MyTraining provides courses that hone in our critical thinking skills and help ensure employees keep pace with our industry innovations.

Jim: Well, that’s interesting that it’s, that it’s all together in that central location. So how is the, MyTraining offering different than the platform MyConnect that you’ve had?

Caressa: Yeah, at its core, MyTraining provides a comprehensive spectrum of education offerings. It’s a global system that allows for self-enrollment here in the United States, as well as globally. It allows our customers to access our courses and request quotes for their needs.

Jim: Well, that sounds pretty convenient. So can you share some of the benefits of MyTraining with our listeners?

Caressa: Definitely. So one of the big helpful things for our customers is that there’s a single location that MyTraining offers to find all of your training needs to ramp up your workforce.

It equips your personnel with the knowledge and the abilities that they need to put in their workforce immediately into their plant. It empowers your staff to maximize the performance of your Emerson products. And it also helps you retain the kind of capable, experienced people that you need to meet your business goals for now and in the future.

The MyTraining platform provides experts who can teach and redefine and implement new procedures within your plant, through our education offerings. We have a broad portfolio of solutions and delivery methods that help drive the employee retention rate. All of these things are designed to easily be adapted, consumed, and match the customer’s training needs and budget.

Jim: Well, yeah, it sounds like with all this vast array of technologies that Emerson has to help improve the performance of a plant, that having the skills to take advantage of that is really important for our customers. So what type of modalities can our customers find?

Caressa: So there is a broad spectrum of modalities that the customers can choose from.

They can choose when, where, and how to learn these different modalities. are meant to fit the best that you need for your workforce. There’s instructor-led, virtual, onsite, blended, and so many more. There are different ways that each person can learn. And through this, we can adapt that through the modality in which the customer will take this training.

Jim: Yeah, I find that cool. The instructors here and doing their virtual training where they’re live for the people, and they actually have a virtual system to work with to conduct it. So I’ve been in one of those, and that’s really pretty exciting. So we have a ton of different brands around Emerson.

So which brands can be found within MyTraining?

Caressa: That’s the great thing about MyTraining. Is really all of the Emerson brands that offer education training to our customers are found within the tool. So any brand that you have product on and we can deliver training for that, be that from Delta V to Rosemount to Fisher valves, all of those things are located in this one tool and make it easily accessible for.

Your customers. It also is a global catalog, so we can see where what are being offered throughout the globe as well as in different languages, and it can be easily browsed and filtered by region, language and brand directly in our catalog.

Jim: Well, that’s really convenient to have it all together. And I know when it was separate, it was a lot more work for people to figure out what they needed. The fact that you have it all together in one spot, that really is a big aid. So what can our customers do on MyTraining?

Caressa: Yeah, so the platform allows you to view the broad spectrum of education offerings that we can be delivered around the world.

It truly is a self-service tool to be able to launch training, find courses, sign up for those classes. And track your training after the fact, you know, go back in, find certificates that you’ve completed for training throughout the years within Emerson.

Jim: That’s great. So, you know, if I’m a complete newbie to all this, can you describe the process for getting started?

Caressa: Yeah, it’s simple. So start by going to There’s a logo in the MyEmerson platform. Sign up there. That gives you access to our whole suite of digital tools. MyTraining being one of them. Once you are there, you can log directly in with that single login and access the MyTraining platform.

Jim: Well, that sounds easy enough so not a big barrier to get where you need to go there. And I guess finally, to just wind things down and wrap things up here, where can our listeners go to learn more?

Caressa: Go to to view all of the education services has to offer, or go directly to to log directly into our MyTraining tool.

Jim: Well, that’s great. Carissa. I want to thank you so much for sharing all this great information about MyTraining and that particular module within MyEmerson. So thanks a lot. Thank you.

Caressa: Jim. I appreciate you having me today.

-End of Transcript-

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