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Improving CAR-T Therapeutical Production

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Alan Johnston describes gene therapy, cell therapy and CAR-T which combines both. These have the goal to treat disease by changing the blueprint to our body at a microscopic level.

Accelerating the Development and Production of Therapeutics

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The focus of the world right now is on how to defeat the Coronavirus and return to more normal times. Manufacturers in the Life Sciences industry are racing at a breakneck pace to develop vaccines and treatments. Automation, analytics play a large role in both the development process for new therapies and ongoing optimized production. […]

Biopharmaceutical Models in Development and Production

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Models of manufacturing and production processes can provide value through the lifecycle of these facilities, from up front design through ongoing personnel training and optimization. In a BioPharm International article, Biopharma modeling, now and five years from no…

Real-Time Adaptive Scheduling in Life Science Manufacturing

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At the Biomanufacturing World Summit, Emerson’s Ron Rossbach presented on using digitalization and data integration to help drive operational efficiency. A key enabling technology for these performance gains is in real-time adaptive scheduling. This technology combines finite scheduling with dynamic updates from existing shop-floor execution systems to optimize operations. In 2018 Emerson acquired BioG, the leading provider of adaptive scheduling software, which is now being adopted across the industry.

Biopharmaceutical Product and Process Knowledge Management

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The American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), a world-leading authority in knowledge management (KM), defines KM: The application of a structured process to help information and knowledge flow to the right people at the right time so they can act more efficiently and effectively to find, understand, share, and use knowledge to create value. For […]