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BioPhorum Best Practices on Knowledge Management

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Emerson’s Michalle Adkins alerted me to the release of a new BioPhorum Knowledge Management white paper, A Test Case in CMC Business Processes from Late-Stage Development to Commercial Manufacturing.

Improving CAR-T Therapeutical Production

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Alan Johnston describes gene therapy, cell therapy and CAR-T which combines both. These have the goal to treat disease by changing the blueprint to our body at a microscopic level.

Accelerating the Development and Production of Therapeutics

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The focus of the world right now is on how to defeat the Coronavirus and return to more normal times. Manufacturers in the Life Sciences industry are racing at a breakneck pace to develop vaccines and treatments. Automation, analytics play a large role in both the development process for new therapies and ongoing optimized production. […]

Biopharmaceutical Models in Development and Production

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Models of manufacturing and production processes can provide value through the lifecycle of these facilities, from up front design through ongoing personnel training and optimization. In a BioPharm International article, Biopharma modeling, now and five years from no…

Real-Time Adaptive Scheduling in Life Science Manufacturing

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At the Biomanufacturing World Summit, Emerson’s Ron Rossbach presented on using digitalization and data integration to help drive operational efficiency. A key enabling technology for these performance gains is in real-time adaptive scheduling. This technology combines finite scheduling with dynamic updates from existing shop-floor execution systems to optimize operations. In 2018 Emerson acquired BioG, the leading provider of adaptive scheduling software, which is now being adopted across the industry.