The Intelligent Multistage Completion Network – A Straightforward, Reliable Solution to a Complex Problem

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What is an Intelligent Multistage Completion Network?

Traditionally, oil and gas operators didn’t have much choice in what data they could gather from a downhole environment. High levels of visibility and control in a reservoir might have felt like a pipe dream for a long time. Fortunately, operators can now access reservoir sandface data and make more informed decisions for optimizing production with the help of an Intelligent Multistage Completion Network. This industry-leading system is a reliable solution for connecting the cabled communication systems in the upper completion of a well to the wireless systems in the lower completion, resulting in unprecedented access to multi-zone information from the reservoir section of the well. Part of Emerson’s RoxarTM Integrated Downhole Network, this field-proven system extends access to in-well data and information previously considered too difficult and costly for online tracking. Emerson and the Intelligent Multistage Completion Network partner, Metrol, have completed a considerable number of successful installations of the system for several international oil and gas operators to date and remain the only downhole monitoring specialists who can offer this unique, hybrid solution.


Gathering Data from Hard-to-Reach Places

The Intelligent Multistage Completion Network enables data collection from wireless Metrol sensors located in the lower completion of the well. The system operates by collecting data via either acoustic or electromagnetic signals sent through the tubing string or production casing, connecting permanent cabled downhole gauges to the wireless sensors and flow control valves in the reservoir. With advanced wireless telemetry, the Roxar Matrix Downhole Wireless InterfaceTM, together with Metrol devices, provides access to all the in-well instrumentation and control devices – without the need to install costly repeaters throughout the upper completion network.

Roxar Integrated Downhole Network


Our modular RoxarTM Integrated Downhole Network makes the Intelligent Multistage Completion Network a simple addition to the downhole monitoring system. The Integrated Downhole Network provides permanent downhole monitoring through a single cable for the lifetime of the well.  Moreover, it supports a variety of devices via the RoxarTM Downhole Network Controller card. This innovative network card communicates instrument data to the surface, empowering operators with real-time pressure and temperature monitoring capabilities for the lifetime of the well.


A Straightforward, Reliable Solution to a Complex Problem

When production engineers receive critical pressure and temperature data from between the formation and the wellbore in the lower completion of the well, they have access to precisely the data that enables better reservoir management decisions. A robust portfolio of Metrol wireless monitoring technology can be incorporated into the Intelligent Multistage Completion Network, including OculusTM single point pressure and temperature gauges for tubing and annulus measurements and the impressive PrologTM ultra-high resolution temperature sensing array.

Enhanced well diagnostic data at such a high resolution from directly at the sandface can help pinpoint production issues as they arise, such as water influx, gas entry, and cooling or warm-back effects. In the face of unforeseen production issues, this insight can assist operators in the selection of optimal well intervention actions, targeting those actions at specific problem areas. After intervention, this insight can also help assess the success of the operation. This diagnostic utility is particularly valuable in subsea applications where the cost of production logging is high. It’s also useful in Greenfield developments where well designs and well path decisions rely heavily on modelling and a degree of assumption.

Another benefit is the ability to operate Metrol’s range of flow control valves remotely as conditions in the reservoir shift, allowing operators to rapidly adjust flow rates or, if necessary, shut off the flow from discrete zones altogether.

The versatility of our Integrated Downhole Network gives producers these extraordinary extended reach capabilities without the operational complexity and reliability issues often associated with bridging the upper and lower completion.


Collaboration Between Two Technology Powerhouses

Combining Emerson’s industry-leading downhole system with Metrol’s resilient, time-tested devices made perfect sense for tackling the challenge of building a cutting-edge downhole monitoring system. Metrol’s robust wireless sensors and controls provide incredibly valuable, actionable data that was previously unattainable without extreme measures like utilizing additional penetrators through defined well barriers. Now, operators can choose from numerous wireless solutions to map out their reservoirs, enhancing their understanding of production capacity and maximizing reservoir performance.

The first years of production are crucial and provide the most valuable data of a well’s life. With the Intelligent Multistage Completion Network creating a downhole gateway to Metrol wireless devices, like the Pro-LogTM temperature monitoring system, the OculusTM pressure and temperature gauge, the Flow-Sure range of flow control devices including ball valves and ICV’s, production engineers can finally put together a complete picture of the well during this critical window of time knowing that, if required, a change to the flowing regime can be achieved by wirelessly actuating Metrol’s Flow-Sure devices. Sometimes, simply shutting a particular zone due to local water coning can transform the productivity of the well. The system has been designed to integrate seamlessly into our single-cable downhole network and can be run together with our industry leading B-annulus monitoring system and multiple HS gauges. These technologies have been proven in thousands of wells, and together, this formidable duo carries a track record of success into new frontiers.

Learn more about Emerson’s Intelligent Multistage Completion Network, and then contact your local Emerson representative to see if our solution is right for your downhole wellsite needs.


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