Greater Reliability with Non-Intrusive Wireless Corrosion Monitoring

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At the 2024 4C Health, Safety & Environmental Conference, Emerson’s Justin Vasquez shared a presentation, Enhancing Safety, Profitability, and Sustainability through Wireless Corrosion Monitoring: A Focus on Reliability with Non-Intrusive Monitoring Devices.

Justin opened his presentation by showing invisible corrosion risk and its impact on the health of the plant and the suboptimal use of plant assets. Continuous monitoring can mean faster time to production, higher sustained production with less variability, unplanned shutdown avoidance, and shorter turnarounds.

He highlighted sand acoustic monitoring, intrusive corrosion probe wireless monitoring, and ultrasonic thickness non-intrusive corrosion monitoring for corrosion and erosion monitoring.

Corrosion & erosion monitoring technologies

Here is a look at the architecture of the Rosemount Wireless Permasense System from wireless sensors to actionable information.

Corrosion monitoring from sensor to actionable information

Wireless corrosion sensors are placed in locations where corrosion or erosion is most likely to occur, such as pipe elbows. The sensors form a wireless mesh network with other WirelessHART sensors and are collected at the gateway, which provides the network of sensor data to operational analytics applications. Optionally, remote experts can assess these analytics and suggest actions for local plant staff.

Continuous corrosion monitoring enables trending over time to predict problems before they occur. Slope changes in the trend can point to issues that require corrosion mitigation strategies, such as using anti-corrosion fluids to extend the life of the piping and vessels. This information helps you assess the life of these assets and how they can be extended until the next turnaround to be replaced.

Corrosion monitoring trends

Visit the Corrosion & Erosion section on for more information on the technologies and how they can help you improve operational performance.

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