Digital Twin for Digital Transformation

Digitalization has brought a wealth of streams of data. Data by itself does nothing to improve performance but channeling this flow into analytical tools and revised work processes is a basis for undergoing a digital transformation.

A new white paper, Emerson Digital Twin: A Key Technology for Digital Transformation, highlights the important role of digital twin technology in this transformation. The white paper opens with a definition:

The Digital Twin is a representation of the physical plant assets (i.e. process equipment, instrumentation and controls) and the processes that take place within them (i.e. chemical reactions, separation processes, heat transfer).

The Emerson approach has some unique characteristics to this technology:

  • Automation System Vendor Independence
  • Selective Fidelity (everything is simulated in a best cost basis supporting the goals of the project and the process)
  • Open Architecture (interaction between control data, historical data, and design data is integrated in an easy-to-use structure)
  • Cloud Ready

Elements of a Digital Twin include a control system simulator, Mimic simulation software for I/O and process modeling, Aspen HYSYS Dynamics process models, Mimic Operator Training Manager, Mimic Test Bench for control system testing and check out, VR immersive simulator for field operator training and virtualization to host locally on site or in the cloud.

Digital Twin technology can help improve performance across the lifecycle of a production process from capital project execution through ongoing operations. These lifecycle phases include Pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design), FEED, Automation System Design/Implement/Test, Factory Acceptance Testing, Operator Training.

On the ongoing operations side, Digital Twin technology can help improve safety, training, knowledge transfer, environmental, regulatory compliance and optimization Operational Excellence (OpEx) initiatives.

Read the whitepaper for more on how you can improve these areas across the lifecycle of your facility. You can also connect and interact with other Digital Twin and digital transformation experts in the IIoT & Digital Transformation group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

Posted Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 under Industrial IoT, Simulation.

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