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Tuning Integrating Process Loops

Posted in Process Optimization, Variability Management on Thursday, November 15th, 2012. 4 comments so far
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Earlier this week, I highlighted a presentation by Emerson’s James Beall, Fundamentals of Modern Loop Tuning. I shared his approach for tuning self-regulating loops and the sequence to tune interacting loops. Today, I’ll share some guidance from the portion of the presentation on integrating processes. An example of an integrating process is a tank level. […]

Tuning Considerations in Surge Tank Level Control

Posted in Process Optimization on Monday, April 18th, 2011. No comments yet
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Chemical Processing magazine has a great article, Be Levelheaded About Surge-Tank Control. I shared it with Emerson’s James Beall asking for his thoughts. He noted that surge tank level control is a common application in many of the process industries. Often a surge tank helps to absorb disturbances between units such as between distillation trains […]

MPC Control of Level and Other Integrating Processes

Posted in Control Strategies, Process Optimization on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010. No comments yet
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I came across an interesting Emerson Exchange presentation, Model Predictive Control for Integrating Processes, by Emerson’s Lou Heavner. You may recall Lou from several advanced control-related posts. Lou introduced the subject noting that historically, APC project engineers and consultants have tried to keep level control outside of the model predictive control (MPC) solution. Level control […]

PID Control of True Integrating Processes – Greg McMillan Deminar

Posted in Education, Process Optimization on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010. No comments yet
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Update: Here’s the video recording (542Mb download) and presentation for this webinar: Viewing this content requires Silverlight. You can download Silverlight from PID Control of True Integrating Processes – Greg McMillan Deminar View more presentations from Jim Cahill. Original post:’s Greg McMillan is resuming his demo/seminar (a.k.a. deminar) series tomorrow, August 11, 2010. […]

Vessel Level Control Can Reduce Process Variability

Posted in Process Optimization, Variability Management on Thursday, January 10th, 2008. No comments yet
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Like capacitors do for electrical circuits, vessel levels provide capacity that can absorb variability within the process. In many cases, a properly tuned level controller can make the variability of the vessel outflow can be much less than the variability vessel inflow. Of course, if it’s not properly tuned, the variability can pass right through […]