Diagnosing and Switching Over Pump-Motor Trains

Here is another in my series of screencasts, this time showing how an automation system uses predictive maintenance diagnostics to switchover a pump before it fails.

Fieldbus and DeltaV: Failed Motor Pump Screencast
Emerson’s DeltaV product manager, Randy Balentine, shows in this 2 minute, 43 second screencast a redundant pair of pump-motor trains. These pump-motor trains are being monitored with CSI 9210 Machinery Health Transmitters.

Randy shows a situation where one of the transmitters communicates excessive vibration via Foundation fieldbus digital communications to a DeltaV system. One of the DeltaV control modules receives the diagnostic alert, performs the logic to switchover to the backup pump-motor train, and notifies the operator of the problem so that it can be addressed.

By incorporating these predictive diagnostics into the control strategy, the switchover can happen before a failure causes a loss of production. Based on the severity of the diagnostic information reported by the smart Foundation fieldbus transmitter, the actions can range from notification of the operators to control actions performed by the control strategy.

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