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As I did with the recent Live at the Emerson Exchange post, here is a roundup some of the posts from the final few days of the event.

Walt Boyes and the ControlGlobal.com team, provides a day three recap including an interview video with Lubrizol and Emerson technologists on embedding batch process analytics into the DeltaV system in real time. And the Sound Off blog has more on thermocouples and power plant modernization.

Gary Mintchell does a podcast that includes his impressions on the Emerson Exchange. This part begins at 8:50 seconds into the podcast. Gary discusses the keynote presentations from David Farr and John Berra, the press announcements on the smart turbomachinery health monitoring and its integration with automation systems like the DeltaV system to perform controlled shutdowns. He also discusses the wireless and Cisco partnership press announcement.

Peter Welander provides a day four recap that highlights the PlantWeb feedback process and how it is used to improve the product components of the PlantWeb architecture.

Dave Harrold of the AFAB Group offers another view on the value of the knowledge in the “graying workforce.” He writes:

Most of the worthwhile knowledge among most of the gray haired individuals still working in the instrumentation and automation industry is the stuff they have learned in the past five or so years.

While I do agree that I have collected a lot expertise that is now not too valuable to others (older operating systems come to mind), I do think that we more “seasoned” professionals can recognize some approaches that may work better than others may. This wisdom can save quite a lot of wasted time and effort for less experienced automation professionals.

Whew, what a week! There was so much exchanging of wisdom by end users, Emerson local business partners, and Emerson technology and marketing folks. The queue is full as I look to share some of their expertise with you in the coming weeks.

Update: The ARC Advisory Group has nice summaries of the wireless and turbomachinery protection press announcements.

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