Live at the Emerson Exchange

This week I’m in Grapevine, Texas just north of the DFW Airport for the Emerson Exchange. In addition to the posts I’ll be doing this week we have some esteemed bloggers including:

There are more I’m sure and I’ll do my best to keep track of them.

You can too by subscribing to this Google Blog search or Technorati Search, searching on the phrase “Emerson Exchange”.

Update: Here’s some links to good recaps of day one:

Update 2: Here’s the day 1 wrapup including a video interview on a PAT-based bioreactor model partnership between Emerson and Broadley-James.

Update 3: I’m tremendously impressed with the editors/bloggers attending this event. My fond hopes for posting more often is tempered by the fact that it’s very difficult for me to distill the wisdom I listen to in these sessions and make it understandable. The editors seem to do it with ease. I’ll be cleaning up many partially written posts in the coming days and weeks as I review them with the presenters so that I can hopefully convey some of their wisdom.

Check out Peter Welander’s day two recap, Gary Mintchell’s wireless and asset optimization recap, Greg Hale’s Cisco and keynote recap, and Walt Boyes’ engineering revolution, Cisco announcement, and asset management. And, here is’s day two recap.

Posted Monday, September 10th, 2007 under Event.

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